Campaigns and Case Studies

Identifying and Attracting the Right Person Every Time

Acertus has a strong track record of delivery across all disciplines and sectors within the international healthcare arena.

We bring the same level of creativity, innovation and attention to detail to every project and successful delivery is of paramount importance. As evidence of the quality of our service provision, we work with existing clients on a frequent basis on a number of different projects. Take a look at some campaigns we've managed for our clients:

Appointing to increase capacity

Acertus were selected to recruit a new Chair of Emergency Medicine for a very large and complex acute hospital environment in Qatar. Acertus conducted a highly targeted international search. The successful appointee is an internationally renowned Professor of Emergency Medicine. Acertus were subsequently selected to recruit to three Vice Chair roles and most latterly, Senior Consultants and Consultants within the department. As evidence of the quality of our service provision, we work with existing clients on a frequent basis on a number of different projects.

Attracting candidates

The title Director of Finance (Designate) may not appeal to every aspiring Finance Director. Especially when the Designate part may stay in place for an extended period after the appointment. Through a highly comprehensive search, targeted web and print advertising campaign we were able to deliver a shortlist of five, very different candidates for the panel to select from. In this instance a candidate from a national commercial radio company was appointed and whilst busy, is thoroughly enjoying his new role and the challenge!

Appointing to lead change

Acertus was appointed to manage the recruitment of five senior Human Resource specialists, these five roles would essentially fulfil the role of HR Director for a designated hospital or business unit within a very large and complex acute hospital environment in Qatar. These were new roles and would be vital in leading the change towards a Business Partner model, a significant shift in emphasis and culture within the organisation. Acertus designed a high profile, very eye catching branding strategy which was utilised across various platforms internationally. This generated a significant response. The process then focused on selection criteria, including interviewing and psychometric profileing to ensure that the successful candidates were a good competency fit. The outcome was a highly successful campaign which also raised the profile of our client internationally. Acertus were subsequently appointed to recruit to many roles within this organisation.

Is a private sector appointee...

When a large London Teaching NHS Trust began its search for a Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development, some members of the Board felt that a new appointee from the commercial sector would bring a fresh approach. Working closely with the senior team within the Trust, taking a range of opinions into account, we delivered a shortlist which included two candidates from the NHS and two from out of sector. This range of prospective appointees allowed the interview panel to clarify exactly the type of person they needed for the role and gave them choice. Through the rigorous selection process a highly renowned and successful candidate from within the NHS was appointed.

A small talent pool is...

What happens when times turn hard and executives are less inclined to move home to take up new vacancies? This was the situation which faced a struggling NHS Trust when it came to recruit its new HR Director. This role was only one of many that saw most of the senior board replaced. In the end the role really only appealed to those within close commuting distance. Through further refining our search strategy we were able to identify and attract a very strong candidate with FTSE 100 and not-for-profit experience.