Client Services

Comprehensive, Innovative and Fully Flexible

We provide a comprehensive and fully flexible range of services. Allied to our extensive recruitment, development and operational experience, we bring creativity, commitment and attention to detail. Our processes are exacting, transparent and thorough. Most importantly, every solution is tailor-made to meet our client's brief.

Executive Search

Identifying and Attracting the Right Person Every Time

This is an information, knowledge and research led process. Search can be utilised on its own or alongside an off line and / or on line advertising campaign.

Recruiting for senior positions requires a unique skill set, knowledge and tenacity are key components. Consistently finding the right person first time, every time can be challenging. It is a challenge where Acertus excels. Our market knowledge and innovative team structure means we can quickly respond to the toughest of briefs.

Market knowledge is key for any project to succeed. All Acertus consultants have years of search and selection experience within the healthcare sector. This allows us to select the most appropriate team around a lead consultant with well-developed local, national and international networks.

Every Executive Search project we undertake is fully managed from beginning to end. We follow a structured but flexible methodology, which will include:

  • In-depth client and stakeholder briefing
  • Development of a tailored search solution
  • Development of an eye catching print media and online campaign
  • Proactive applicant management through out the project
  • Extensive reporting through out the project

By making full use of our team of experienced Executive Search consultants and our research facility, we are able to identify, discreetly approach, attract and retain the interest of suitable candidates, particularly those who may not be actively seeking their next move.

Assessment Centres

Design, Management and Evaluation

In addition to the in depth competency interview with long listed candidates, assessment centres have been shown to add significant value, particularly at senior manager level.

Assessment centres can also be used in many other situations and deliver real benefits. The types of other scenario could include; talent management, staff retention, organisational restructuring and outplacement.

This part of our service can be undertaken alongside the managed recruitment solution or in support of our client's own selection and/or retention procedures. We have the knowledge and capacity to organise and run onsite or offsite assessment centres. This approach can also be very powerful in developing teams, particularly at board level. The range of potential development applications for our assessment services can include:

  • Individual development and behaviour change
  • Team building and development
  • Coaching
  • Leadership skills and management development
  • Management of change

We have designed and managed assessment solutions ranging in scope from occupational and psychometric profiling through to organisation and delivery of assessment centres. Our consultants are SHL qualified and we have proven experience of appropriate utilisation of assessment tools in a range environments from aiding effective selection decisions to restructure and redundancy.

Advertised Search

Reaching the Right People with the Right Message

Following a detailed and comprehensive briefing meeting with relevant stakeholders we will design and manage an eye catching and high profile branding strategy, advising on relevant online and offline media options. The emphasis is always on our clients' branding and not on our marketing image. Our logo never overshadows that of our clients.

This is an effective method to highlight in a targeted way our clients' role and organisation to a diverse field of potential applicants.

This service is available as a stand alone option, or more usually as part of our fully comprehensive search and selection service.

We provide full management of the recruitment project, which will include:

  • Highly proactive Executive Search using established and evolving network of contacts to locate and attract exceptional individuals (if full campaign management option selected)
  • Design of high profile online and print media branding and advertising strategy
  • Database management of all applications / expressions of interest
  • Full response management and rigorous selection process
  • Sensitive handling of any internal applications
  • Genuine post placement aftercare

Coaching and Development

Helping with Career Development

Each coaching client will be in a situation unique to them and will often benefit from a range of approaches. Our Executive Coaching offering may therefore include some elements of career development and mentoring and vice versa.

The type of coaching and development available can include:

Career coaching: understanding your current situation, your aspirations and how to get there

  • Your marketing strategy
  • Interview preparation and coaching
  • Working with you once appointed
  • Ongoing coaching / mentoring

Please contact us directly to discuss your particular situation. We can then advise accordingly.